Manpower Supply

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Payroll and Tax Administration

QoS experienced and knowledgeable consultant ensures that the contractors and employees payroll and are paid correctly and on time. Our solution offers a flexible, streamlined and secured payroll processing service relieving companies of the stress of managing outsourced resources and leaving more time for the companies to focus on their core business activities QoS performs tax functions for firms, contractors and employees by handling state and federal taxes. We are responsible for complying with federal and state employment tax laws. You will be at ease knowing your employment taxes will be calculated correctly and paid on a timely basis

Manpower Management QoS

In partnership with world leading resource providers, has experience in manpower management in several African countries. We provide and manage professionals at all levels on a short to long term basis. We can take over your existing employees into our organization and if you have a resource gap, we can provide a great choice from our robust database of skilled manpower in the telecommunication and technology industry. This service involves QoS’ unique invoicing solution which benefits the international partners and end customers

Visa Consulting

QoS provides visa consulting services to international recruitment agencies and supports them in documentation and securing Subject to Regulation (STR) and residence permit visas for expatriates and business visas for visitors who wish to have business meetings. With our experienced immigration consultants, QoS gives the best advice and support in visa application process in Nigeria and Benin Republic