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QoS provides a robust and flexible platform to create menu for USSD that fits your business customer journey. Whether you need the USSD just for payment like restaurants, an e-commerce store, a micro finance or more complex customer experience, QoS meticulously designed platform and unmatched functionality will create the best possible USSD experience for your users. We help your business scale faster and more efficiently by reaching customers with limited internet access

Onboard our USSD platform and start receiving mobile money payment same day! To use our standard menus, create a QoS account and select USSD!

  • No Coding required

  • Mobile Money Benin  USSD shortcode

To build a customised USSD menu for your business

Contact Sales here

To access mobile money menu

  1. Dial *400#
  2. Select option 2 (MoMoPay)
  3. Choose option 4 (General Payment)
  4. Enter your Merchant Code. You will select a merchant code of your choice when opening your QoS account

Some standard USSD menu flow

This flow is designed to receive payment without a need to identify the payer. This is useful for businesses like restaurants, pressing, pharmacies and more

This flow allows you to receive payment when the payer’s unique identity is required. For instance, schools.

This flow is designed for mosques

This flow is designed for churches